Audio Shield, Credo, Van Den Hul, EMM Labs, DS Audio, and the Avenger Direct at Axpona 2023

Audio Shield, Credo, Van Den Hul, EMM Labs, DS Audio, and the Avenger Direct at Axpona 2023

This system has become an evolving powerhouse of performance as it gets fine tuned and elevated every year at Axpona.  Audio Shield led by John McGurk leads the charge in distribution of Credo Speakers, EMM Labs Electronics, and Van Den Hul Electronics and cables.  VPI handels distribution of the Van Den Hul cartridges as it has been a long time brand favorite of our company.  The Van Den Hul Frog cartridge was a VPI Show favorite back in the days of launching our TNT Series turntables.  It is a pleasure to see the next generation unfolding and pushing the limits of a family business.

Axpona System VPI, Van Den Hul, EMM Labs, Audio Shield

Speaking of which, one of our highlights, as mentioned in previous posts, was seeing William Van Den Hul and Marc Van Den Hul.  William has taken over the production and high performance builds of all statement level Van Den hul cartridges.  And we can say the results are staggering!  While being no take away of the mastery abilities of his father, AJ, the youthful and focused build quality paired with the mentorship of his father leaves William and Van Den Hul in a very good place.  We can relate with having the same experience here at VPI!  William had a Black Crimson on the ready and singing with our Avenger Direct turntable.

Van Den Hul, VPI, Axpona

In addition to having Van Den Hul cabling, phono, and cartridges; the second arm was mounted with a DS Audio Optical cartridge with EMM Labs DS-EQ1 Optical Equalizer.  Powered up with the EMM Labs MTRX2 1KW Mono Amplifiers, the system had all the drive it needed to fill that room with ease!

At the end of the chain the system had a return performance of the Credo Cinema LTM speakers.  The design makes finding the sweet spot easy since every seat is a sweat spot!  What is especially appreciated with this group is all company heads/owners who come out to meet everyone at Axpona!  When talking to Van Den Hul you are talking to Marc or William Van Den Hul.  When talking to Credo you are talking to Mike Kraske.  When talking to EMM Labs you are talking to Amadeus Meitner.  All company owners and second generation, or new blood to the industry with John McGurk from Audio Shield.

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