Vino Vinyl (Archived 12/10/2017)

Vino Vinyl (Archived 12/10/2017)

We hosted the last event at the current VPI House. It was a pleasant surprise it would be with such high "spirits"! We hosted the Vino Vinyl group from New York a great bunch with a fine palate for wine and music. The group brought an amazing selection of different wines to sample as they made their way through the house. We have downsides to only three listening rooms which was the perfect size for this event. 


The first system was featuring our VPI Prime Signature with Vanden Hul Colibricartridge, Transparent Cables and interconnects, VPI Voyager Phono-Preamplifier,Merrill Thor Mono BlocksMcIntosh Labs line stage, and JBL Everest speakers.  Since the system is the one that spills out into the kitchen/vine/food area it usually is the default main system.  his system really excelled with the Bob Ludwig press of Zeppelin II as well as the Classic Records pressing of The Who’s Quadrophenia.  Wine, pizza, and a variety of cross sectional albums made the taste that much sweeter.  Don't worry the salads are all for show, no one actually ate any of it!

Our second system used our partnership Shinola Runwell turntable with the electronics disengaged and went through our limited run VPI 299D Integrated.  Using Audioquest cables to the Wilson Sabrinas, this system had an extra kick and surprised a number of people who hadn't heard the Sabrinas before.  This system usually has a Peach Tree integrated but I stole it for another listening room ;) For anyone who has any doubts on a Runwell, after disengaging the built in phono, you are reminded of the strong full sound you can get from a VPI inspired table.

The final system was a bit for fun, we were running a non-production HW prototype 14" tonearm.  This model will not be available but a variation of it in a requested 14" flavor could be a possibility for customers in 2018.  The rest of the system consisted of our statement VPI Titan turntable with custom brass posts.  Powered by Moon by Simaudio electronics and having Genesis Advanced Technology Speakers at the end of the chain.

The Vino Vinyl group was a pleasure to have over the VPI listening house for the last event at this location.  That is right, this VPI house is officially closed, but never fear, there is something even better in mind for 2018 that might be ever better for Audio and social groups alike who want to enjoy their "vino and vinyl" under the same roof!  Looking forward to having the Vino Vinyl group back again soon!  Special thanks to Chris Wilford for organizing the day!

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