VPI House Event - MC Audio Tech TL-12 Speakers

VPI House Event - MC Audio Tech TL-12 Speakers

This past weekend was a very exciting listening event at the VPI House!  We had guest manufacturer, Mark Conti, owner of MC Audio Tech.  Mark is no stranger to the audio industry, having been involved with some of the major players in this industry throughout the years.  Mark and his company are also no strangers to VPI, having had many successful events and shows together.  The connection initially came from our shared photographer, Lee Shelly, who built an exciting bridge of music success!  Putting our turntable with his speakers (the original models) was a great match.  In fact, our last public VPI House event before the pandemic featured Mark's products!


More recently Mark came out with a true evolution of his company's technology.  They managed to make a more compact better sounding speaker for less money and the ability to sell through a national dealership.  That is an incredible achievement and one that should not be ignored. This is embodied in their latest model the TL-12 Speakers.  Now complete in one box unit, the speaker is extremely easy to setup and much easier the move than their last iteration.

MC Audio Tech

From ease of setup, to a full sound stage, and a killer low end everyone in the listening chair was loving the sound.  So much so that VPI founder Harry Weisfeld was only going to participate in Friday's event.  He enjoyed the experience, listening, and hanging our with Mark so much he came back on Saturday and brought his wife!  You can tell when Harry likes something because he puts on certain records like Hot Sticks, and Frankie Lane... although Harry doesn't need much of an excuse to spin Frankie Lane.

Harry and Mat Weisfeld

Paired with Nordost cable, PS Audio Amplification, McIntosh Pre, and a VPI turntable (we will talk more about that in a later post!) and our Shirley cartridge, everyone was loving the music and letting record play straight through.  When we weren't spinning vinyl we were using digital through our Wolf Audio Server.

We hope everyone has a chance to listen to these fantastic speakers and thanks to everyone who came out for the event!


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