Weekly Blog 4-12-2021 (Archived 4/12/2021)

Weekly Blog 4-12-2021 (Archived 4/12/2021)

In an effort to keep the lines of communication going last week we started a weekly "Monday Newsletter".  To expand upon that we are going to post that same newsletter as a blog as well to make sure everyone stays connected.  We understand not everyone uses social media so directly through our site/forum is also here to get the job done.  Speaking of our forum, we have being going through some massive overhaul to upgrade/update our forum platform but want to make sure we do it without losing any existing content. 

Anyway, wishing everyone another Happy Monday and updates on all things VPI!  This past weekend I had a chance to celebrate my 18th birthday (again?) with the VPI team and would like to thank everyone who sent positive birthday wishes.  The best present will be when we can all meet together again for some in person listening!

Speaking of in person listening, we are excited to announce we have gotten two of the listening rooms back up and running at VPI House with hopes of having more virtual Events/Listening Sessions.  Our ultimate goal is to have limited and safe in person events in the near future.    
We have also been working hard to catalog and make the Sid Mark's Record Collection available.  We will showcase some of the open albums via Facebook Live on our page.  Its exciting to see people have already been able to purchase and put these fantastic records to good musical use!  All proceeds are going to Sid's family.

Due to some personal conflicts it looks like we will not being having an Episode of "Chat with Mat & Harry" tomorrow.  Instead I might take the opportunity for a technical turntable Live Stream, but that is to be determined and will be posted right on our Facebook page. 
If you missed last week's episode we have posted it on our youtube Channel.  If you think Harry and I are a but sluggish in that episode its because we just finished moving multiple racks filled with records! 
Chat with Mat & Harry Ep. 2

We also want to remind everyone that supply prices in all industries have drastically increased and seem to continue on the track.  We are going to hold our prices until the first of June but not all companies are waiting on price increases.  If you are thinking about that new amp or speaker for your system you might want to think about it sooner than later before there is a 10-20% increase across all types of products.

Thanks again to everyone for being part of the VPI Family and we will talk to you all soon!

Mat Weisfeld 

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