Welcoming Goldy Weisfeld (Archived 11/11/2020)

Welcoming Goldy Weisfeld (Archived 11/11/2020)

With everything that has happened during 2020 we had some major good news that we didn't get into this past year.  At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic we were blessed with the news that we (Jane) were pregnant with our second child!  Getting around and living your life during COVID-19 was difficult enough with the added difficulties of the usual doctor check ups and steps to take to have a heathy baby.  Our first doctor's appointment I was forced to stay outside the building and found I wouldn't be allowed into any visits until 5 months later.  It was a bit heart breaking not being able to be more directly part of the process because of the quarantine precautions.

We were also afraid to talk too much about any up-and-coming good news because we didn't want to jinx anything with the continued struggles of 2020 for everyone!  We forged through, kept Jane at home as much as possible to minimize the risk of catching COVID-19 and kept it quite.  To our surprise, our amazing VPI staff threw a mini and safe Baby Shower so we didn't have all celebration lost in the days of quarantine. 

Jane has been amazing and has worked while severely pregnant up until last Friday, November 6th.  This past Monday, November 9th was going to be her first day off while she sent the rest of the week preparing to bring home our new baby with an expected due date of November 14th.  Like with everything in 2020, best laid plans go to waste and when a baby is ready to nothing is stopping them!

Early on November 9th  around 7:15 AM I could hear Jane on the phone with the hospital letting them know we would be on the way.  We start to pack which we immediately realize there is no time and we shovel anything we can into a bag while our little one, Shyla, was attempting to help pack (it wasn't much of a help but still appreciated).  She paced around chanting, "the baby is coming!" in the more adorable way.  Jane's mom comes over to take care of Shyla and we are off!

In typical dad fashion, I drove safely like a maniac to get to the hospital as quickly as possible and contemplated multiple illegal traffic moves.  Pulling into the Riverview Emergency room I ran in yelling, "We have a pregnant girl coming in hot!"  The nurse runs out in time for Jane's water to break in the car at 7:51.  I won't go into the details of chaos that followed but at 7:55 half in the hallway Goldy Weisfeld was born!     


10 finger and 10 toes, Goldy was born nice and healthy and ready to join the family!  Because of how fast the delivery we were known as the "Emergency Room Delivery" with the "Rocket Baby".  The nurse who delivered (more like caught Goldy) apparently had the nickname "Brian the Stork" from the experience!  After that excitement everything couldn't have gone smoother!  Goldy's and Mom's vitals were spot on and we were bale to leave and head back home in a little over 24 hours.

There was another person who was super excited for us to come home with Goldy!  Her big sister Shyla was waiting with Grandma at the front door jumping and running with excitement to see us and to meet her little sister.  Everyone is now back at home and safe with both myself and Jane being a bit MIA from VPI related work for obvious reasons.

We are now taking pre-orders for the new entry level Goldy cartridge... just kidding (for now) but we are excited to introduce you all and and welcome Goldy Weisfeld into the world!  The 2040 VPI workforce is looking stronger and stronger everyday! 

​We hope everyone is staying safe out there and if anyone has VPI related questions please email us at info@vpiindustries.com  please be patient with response between COVID-19 related delays as well as having both Jane and myself with our hands full at the moment!

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