Accessory Spotlight 1 - Tru-Lift (Archived 8/4/2018)

Accessory Spotlight 1 - Tru-Lift (Archived 8/4/2018)

Tru-Lift is one of the accessories that came as an unexpected pleasant surprise.  Back in 2016 it was VPI's first time attending the Salon Audio Montreal Audio Fest bringing with us the VPI Avenger and Player.  Walking through the halls we came across an enthusiastic and passionate engineer demonstrating his practical product accessory.  Carlo Lupo was beaming with excitement as he shared his creation and it's benefits with everyone. The Tru-Lift gently stops and lifts the tonearm when it reaches the end of the record.  I was impressed about how easy and useful Carlo's Tru-Lift can be for all users with any turntable brand.

Great minds think a like!  Carlo and I appreciated each other's enthusiasm and hit it off. I had an extra Player and Carlo had extra Tru-Lifts with him.  We were running two Players on display in our room and weren't going to be able to keep an eye on them the whole time.  Carlo installed a Tru-Lift on each table and we were able to keep the tables in constant use without worrying about missing to cue it back up.  We also let Carlo borrow one of the Players for his use at the show marking our first impromptu moment working together!

As you can see below we had listeners of all ages enjoying the VPI Player who didn't have to worry about cueing up the arm!

The Tru-Lift, and other products like the Tru-Lift, are a life saver for the user in protecting their investment in their cartridge.  A lot of listeners have fallen victim to that moment of enjoying their music a little too much waking up 2 hours later to that infamous "thud... thud... thud..." with the immediate feeling of, "OH NO!  My record!"   Even worse, if you recently purchased that super level cartridge for a modest price of $8,000 + and it just got the workout of it's life by tracking the lead-out groove all night.  With the Tru-Lift you don't have to worry about that anymore.

The Tru-Lift accessory is relatively easy to install and fully adjustable to work on all brands of turntables.

Tru-Lift is available in the US through any VPI dealer.  Disclaimer, VPI does distribute Tru-Lift in the US at the time of writing and posting this article but don't worry we will talk about other lifter accessories as well!

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