VPI at Capital Audiofest 2023

VPI at Capital Audiofest 2023

Another fantastic year at Capital Audiofest in the books!  This year saw a return to normalcy in both activity and overall experience since the Pandemic.  While we don't have actual numbers, the attendance had to have been record breaking!  We setup our usual basecamp in the Adams and Jefferson room but this year with the added excitement of selling records right from Harry's personal collection.  Our goal was to turn back the clock and clock and have everyone connect with their music and the VPI Family.

We introduced a lot of new and exciting products to officially share with everyone. VPI continues to be the leader in Made in America turntable products shipping globally!

  • Goldy Cartridge

  • Avenger Direct

  • HW-40 Black Edition

  • Classic Signature (The Return!)


Goldy Cartridge

This year we celebrate my daughter Goldy’s 2nd Birthday with the announcement of our new Cartridge in her namesake!  Partnered with Audio Technica, VPI voiced the Goldy cartridge to have a similar sound signature as the Shyla using the same internal design and engineering modifications.  The results have brought another state-of-the-art design to the listening room!  Like her sister Shyla, she will be making her world debut at Capital Audiofest!  Expected to be shipping the production model of Goldy the first quarter of 2023. 


VPI Avenger Direct 

First shown at Capital Audio 2021 as a prototype, the Avenger Direct has become a global high-end audio favorite!  The Avenger Direct features VPI’s original direct drive motor design enhanced by the best of 2022’s motion control circuitry, vibration and isolation technology. Combined with a cutting-edge BLDC direct drive motor the Avenger Direct is a stunning sandbox design giving the end user the ability to mount up to 3 tonearms of almost any length and brand.  While we of course would prefer you mount a VPI Arm, you have the ability to mount the arm of your choosing.

Speaking of the tonearm, the standard arm sold with the Avenger Direct is our Fatboy Gimbal 3D arm and Fatboy VTA base.  Expanding upon our Anniversary technology, an adapter was designed to have the Fatboy VTA compatible with all 12” VPI tonearms.  Our 3D technology is always the latest in engineering as advancements and methodologies of material and production continue to improve.  It is important that as the technology gets better so does the quality of our tables.

HW-40 Black Edition

The Anniversary is over but the party isn’t!  Having sold through all 400 HW-40 Anniversary turntables the design continues on in its “Black Edition”.  The current model utilizes all of the award winning technology of its predecessor while giving the ability to change tonearms.  Users can switch between unipivot and gimbal as well as having multiple arms if desired.  The side panels are a semi gloss black finish providing only the finest in New Jersey machine work!  Available and now shipping.


Classic Signature (The Return!)

The Classic series of our products has always been a listener favorite!  When the table was discontinued one of our existing dealership partners continued the line by custom ordering the Classic Signature model.  The continued interest led to VPI bringing it back in full swing!  The Classic Signature utilizes the foundation of its original design while being elevated with today’s cutting edge technology.  Improved motor isolation in the motor mounting, improved isolation with the HW-40 feet, standard with a 3D or upgraded Fatboy tonearm.  Available in Black Oak, Piano Black, or Gloss Walnut!   


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