Credo Audio with the Avenger Reference and Fatboy at Munich 2018 (Archived 5/9/2018)

Credo Audio with the Avenger Reference and Fatboy at Munich 2018 (Archived 5/9/2018)

As in previous years Credo Audio Switzerland will be demonstrating their products in room Atrium 4.2 F231f at the Munich Hi-Fi show.

This year there will be a  special edition of their EV Reference ONE loudspeaker, that had its premier in 2017 also in Munich.  Developer Michael Kraske created this model around the idea of a wide-band, closed cabinet speaker. Knowing about the tonal balance and richness that a full-range speaker can reproduce, Kraske was not willing to accept the lack of bass and presence of high percentage of distortion.

The paper-cone, symmetrical drive mid-woofer is accompanied by a 1“ tweeter and 12“ long-throw subwoofer. The mid-woofers slices-cone prevents effectively cone breakups, so it is playing from 50Hz and blending over gently to the tweeter creating a speaker with full-range characteristic - but with punchy bass down to 25 Hz and extended treble smooth as silk. As always with Credo Audio speakers, they achieved linear impedance and a high efficiency (of 87.6 dB), making it an easy load for amplifiers.

The VPI Avenger Reference turntable will be the main source for this system equipped with Van den Hul „Colibri Master Signature“ and „The Crimson XGW“ cartridges. Completed is the duo with a KISEKI Purple Heart N.S.

In addition to using the standard JMW 12-3DR, the brand new Fatboy (Gimbal) tonearm will be featured as the primary tonearm.  For the first time at an international show VPI will be demonstrating both an uni-pivot and gimbal flavor.  We are very excited to hang out and listen to this room!

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