Herron Audio and VPI at Axpona 2017 (Archived 5/30/2017)

Herron Audio and VPI at Axpona 2017 (Archived 5/30/2017)

About 6 years ago we had the first showing of a Classic Signature in Rosewood with Keith Herron owner of Herron Audio.  We thought it was very fitting for the first Prime Signature in Rosewood to be with Keith for Axpona 2017!  Besides being an easy going person and having stellar sounding equipment, Keith had a major impact on my development and entry into the High-End world.  I originally met Keith at the 2007 CES with my mom Sheila where Keith was sporting a VPI HR-X.

At the time I didn't know much of anything in the industry but that didn't stop Keith.  He was patient and showed me every aspect of his system.  Keith didn't just show me his equipment, he explained it in a way that was easy to understand.  He also showed his invention on the HR-X that would later influence the Avenger motor design.  (He also took me to the best rib place in Vegas but that is for another post!)

Fast forward 10 years and we are still making music together! 

Using an Audio Technica cartridge, some minor fumbling with cartridge screws, it wasn't long before we had the system spinning.  We dropped the needle and knew from first blush we had a great sounding system.   Being a practical and innovative engineer, Keith rigged his system to turn on and off by stepping on a button on the floor (you can see it in the picture below).

We came back a later after some adjusting and were impressed how much the system warmed up.  Of course it is never fair to accurately judge a show room on sound but this whole system I would happily have in my home living room.  So much so that we recently reinstalled the Herron pre-amp in our own system at VPI. Always enjoyable to partner with fellow American made manufacturers. What I like the most is that Herron units are easy to use, never break (I really miss handled one a few years back and it was totally fine!) and you can upgrade them!  being a company that believes in the same paradigm, your Herron equipment is never obsolete because it can always be upgraded when something new comes out. 

Already looking forward to the next showing with Herron.

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