LKV and VPI at LA AS 2017 (Archived on 6/1/2017)

LKV and VPI at LA AS 2017 (Archived on 6/1/2017)

New Hampshire’s LKV Research will introduce at the Los Angeles Audio Show its new Verito 1, an integrated amplifier that raises the bar for high end price/performance ratio.  Priced at $2,700 the Verito 1 includes phono stage, preamp and power amp, each of which achieves performance rivaling that of the best audiophile separates available today.  The Verito 1 is also available without the phono stage at a price of $2,200.

As LKV’s Chief Designer observes, “The Verito 1 is a groundbreaking piece of gear.  We have taken the essential elements of our Veros One phono separate and Line One preamp and combined them with a state of the art Hypex designed power amp.  The result is an incredibly musical, high end system in one box at an amazing price.”

The Verito 1 is priced to be the heart of an entry level high end system; but its sound quality is so good, it may also be the last system many audiophiles and music lovers will want or need. It includes: 

An MC/MM phono stage derived from the circuitry used in LKV’s top-of-the-line phono amp, the Veros One.  Like the Veros One, the Verito 1 is so accurate and quiet that it comfortably amplifies not only the 5 mV signal from MM cartridges but also the 0.3 mV signal from low output MC cartridges.  This performance is achieved using Class A differential amplifier circuitry built with discrete bipolar transistors and hand matched jfets without any loop feedback.

A line level preamp whose gain circuitry is virtually identical to that in LKV’s Line One separate preamp, which also employs Class A differential amplifiers built from discrete parts.  The preamp section offers selection among 5 sources (the above phono and 4 line level inputs) and volume control via an excellent ALPS potentiometer.

A Class D power amplifier which can deliver 180+ Watts into 2, 4 and 8 ohm loads.  The Class D module employs state-of-the-art Hypex NCore technology which provides not only the well-known benefits of Class D amplification – high power, low weight and heat dissipation, and compact size – but also sound quality that rivals the best that Class AB amps offer.

The Verito 1’s combination of build and sound quality together with attractive pricing make it a unique integrated amplifier capable of broadening the appeal of high end audio.

We are very excited for LKV Researchto show their new Verito with the VPI Prime turntable!  Can't wait to to see the room together and hear about the results!

For further information, contact Bill Hutchins via phone (603 730 7400) or email (

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