Loftsound with the Prime Signature (Archived 12/2/2018)

Loftsound with the Prime Signature (Archived 12/2/2018)

We are very proud to have one of our German dealer, Loftsound demonstrating our VPI Prime Signature in Rosewood this past weekend at RuhrCongress Bochum.

Turntables: VPI Prime Signature Rosewood
Pickup: Gold Note Donatello Gold
Phono Precursor: Kondo GE-1
Mc Transformer: KONDO KSL-cfz
Speaker: Living Voice Ibx-R3
Wiring: Kondo Silver
Hifi Furniture: beaudioful

We weren't physically there but heard they had a lot of fun with packed rooms all weekend!  Not to mention, top notch quality sound!

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