Made in the U.S.A. High Performance Audio at International CES 2018 (Archived 1/2/2018)

Made in the U.S.A. High Performance Audio at International CES 2018 (Archived 1/2/2018)

United States of America – Three veteran high performance brands, Genesis Advanced Technologies (Seattle, WA), Viola Audio Laboratories (New Haven, CT) and VPI Industries (Cliffwood, NJ) are honored and proud to partner in an all-Made in the U.S.A. system at the High Performance Audio Showcase at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Suite #29-233, The Venetian, Las Vegas, January 9th to 12th 2018.

“We want to show the world the best of US made,” said Mr Gary Leonard Koh, CEO and Chief Designer of Genesis. “This is not a system with the ‘latest hot-shot brand’ but the partnership of three great brands that have been around for a long time.”

“Genesis was founded in 1991, so this is our 27th year. Viola was founded in 2001 to continue on the legacy of MLAS and Cello since the 1970’s, and VPI has been around since the 1980’s,” continued Mr. Koh.

“I always say, garbage in, garbage out,” said Mr Mat Weisfeld, President of VPI Industries. “For the result to be brilliant, so must the beginning. We are honored and proud to provide the source for this superb system – the custom-order only VPI Vanquish direct drive turntable. It features the debut of our latest innovation the ‘Fat Boy’ 3D-printed tonearm.”

“With each new design, Viola sets a new standard in our quest for accuracy and sonic neutrality,” said Mr Paul Jayson, President of Viola Audio Labs. “The Chorale is brand new, and the first integrated amplifier in the Viola line-up of products. To reduce system complexity we  integrate the preamplifier and power amplifier in the same chassis. In the works, we will offer an optional internal phonostage and also an internal DAC to make the Chorale a truly one-box solution.”

“The Maestro loudspeaker is the latest in the Genesis 5-series of products that started in 1993,” explained Mr Koh. “The iconic shape comes from the necessity of design to reduce the baffle area around each driver to reduce diffraction. However, almost every aspect has been improved from the previous generation. The cabinets and crossovers were completely redesigned from the ground-up, resulting in much improved coherence and seamless transition from the servo-controlled powered bass to the ribbon ring-radiator tweeter.”

“We are also providing all the support elements for the system – cables and equipment foundation,” continued Mr Koh. “When I couldn’t find cables and racks transparent enough not to color the music, we developed them ourselves. This system disappears to let the music through, and the cables are as much a part of this magic as any other component.”

“The system Gary pulled together for this CES shows that sonic neutrality and transparency is not clinical or sterile,” said Ms Carolyn Koh, COO of Genesis. “While accurate, the system sings with musicality and life. We will be enjoying the music as we demo the system at the show, playing favorites that are alive with gobs of emotion”

About Genesis Advanced Technologies

Genesis Advanced Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-end, luxury and reference loudspeaker systems, amplifiers and proprietary solid metal-cone servo-controlled and powered woofers.

For more information please contact:
Genesis Advanced Technologies
654 S Lucile St
Seattle, WA 98108
voice: 206-762-8383

About Viola Audio Laboratories

Viola Audio Laboratories was founded in 2001 by leading designers Tom Colangelo and Paul Jayson. Viola Audio Laboratories designs and manufactures a complete range of high-end audio products that are employed in the finest stereo and home theater environments, including preamplifiers; mono, stereo and multi-channel power amplifiers; and electronic crossovers.

Viola’s objective is to produce products that are sonically neutral, as experience has shown that only through sonic neutrality can the listener experience the essential emotion that is the heart of music. Rigorous scientific and empirical design techniques, combined with a craftsman approach to manufacturing, where meticulous attention is paid to every step of the assembly process, enable Viola to produce products of the highest possible quality that will maintain their performance and give great pleasure to the owner over a lifetime of use.

For more information please contact:
Viola Audio Laboratories
466A Blake St
New Haven, CT 06515
voice: 203-772-0435

About VPI Industries (That's us!)

VPI Industries is a second-generation family owned Made in America company dedicated to design, performance, customer service, and family!  As one of the leading companies in turntable design VPI continues to push the envelope in technology with continued research, 3D printing technology, and always keeping an open mind.  VPI has achieved multiple turntable awards and “Products of the Year” as well as other accolade over the years.

All VPI products are made in New Jersey by a dedicated team who create the highest quality for all VPI products.  More importantly, VPI is proud to be a company that has been around for 40 years and plans to be around another 40! (or more).

For more information, please contact:
VPI Industries
77 Cliffwood Ave. #5D
Cliffwood, NJ 0772
voice: 732-583-6895

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