New Addition to the Family (Archived (2/21/2018)

New Addition to the Family (Archived (2/21/2018)

We are very proud and excited to announce the addition to both the Weisfeld and VPI family!  Introducing our baby girl, Shyla Weisfeld!  She was born 2/18/18 at 7 in the morning at 7.6 pounds.  We have been over the moon with excitement and joy.  For obvious reasons both myself and Jane will be a little less accessible for a bit (and have been in previous weeks).  She was born with a full head of hair, and luckily gets her looks from her mother!

Grandpa HW has reviewed and determined this design doesn't need any tweaks!  She came out perfect!

Great Grandma Shirley has already told Shyla that she need to dance or sing at her 100th birthday and couldn't be happier!

Our daughter Shyla is named after her grandma Sheila who meant the world to all of us.  We wish mom could have met her but we know Shyla will grow up to be a smart, caring, and strong woman just like her grandma Sheila!

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