Nordost, Moon, and Raidho with the VPI Avenger Reference and Fatboy at Munich 2018 ( Archived 6/3/2018)

Nordost, Moon, and Raidho with the VPI Avenger Reference and Fatboy at Munich 2018 ( Archived 6/3/2018)

This is a very long overdue post but never late than never!  This year at Munich we had more VPI’s spinning than ever as we increase our awareness and availability in the international market.  We have a long standing strong relationship with our Made in America friends at Nordost and were excited for them to repeat a demo they have done in previous years.  This demo consists of using our VPI Avenger Reference and having two tonearm wands with the same mounted cartridge.  The catch being one arm is wired with standard tonearm wire, the other is wired with Nordost Reference wire. 

I personally didn’t get to hear this demo this year but in the past the difference has always been staggering.  Having two of the same cartridges and out tonearms having the ability to easily be swapped out, we would listen to the same track with both arms.  The additional detail and warmth of the arm wired with Nordost gets us every time!  This same demonstration is exactly what led to us making Nordost wire the standard in our Reference arms.  What made this demo strand out from others in the past was it was the first to demonstrate the VPI Fatboy tonearm on the international stage.  The Fatboy is becoming our best engineered arm we have created in our line.  Originally inspired by distributor feedback at Munich 2 years ago the Fatboy has been a long time coming.

However, the music doesn’t come just form the cartridge, arm, or table… it is the whole ensemble of the system put together.  Driven by a full Moon by Simaudio system, the Raidho D4.1 speakers had the punch behind it form the 888 Mono Blocks.  By the way, I can say I lifted the 888s all by myself (with maybe a little help from 4 other people).

Straight form Nordost’s Blog:

This year at the High End show in Munich, we decided to impress show-goers with a truly world class sound system. This remarkable system featured Raidho D4.1 loudspeakers, components by Simaudio, including an imposing pair of Moon 888 Power Amplifiers, a VPI Avenger reference turntable (made with Nordost’s internal tonearm wire), Nordost Sort System  resonance control devices, QRT power products, which highlighted our QKRORE Ground Units, and, of course, a full loom of Supreme Reference, Odin 2 cables. In addition to demonstrations, we had the opportunity to celebrate our recent collaboration with Newvelle Records by spinning a selection of LPs from their first two seasons of box sets! It’s always a joy to go to Munich to share the outstanding sound our products are capable of producing with our friends and partners from around the world. We also want to say a special “thank you” to our fellow manufacturers who chose to showcase their products using Nordost cables! If you weren’t able to make it to Germany this year, here are some pictures from High End 2018 to enjoy at home. 

As always a pleasure playing music with our friends at Nordost, Moon, and Rai dho.

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