Nordost, VPI, VTL and Stenheim at Axpona 2019 (4/22/2019)

Nordost, VPI, VTL and Stenheim at Axpona 2019 (4/22/2019)

Something we learned after Capital Audiofest: If a showroom is set-up by Stirling Trayle, you are guaranteed the most optimal set-up for the gear and room you are listening to!  Using our Avenger Reference with mounted Lyra EtnaNordost Odin 2, Stenheim, and VTL, this room was quickly dialed and singing at the Axpona International Hi-Fi show!

The Avenger has been the "Nordost favorite" to use at shows because of the ease to swap tonearms. In the past, Nordost has done an impressive demo by swapping between tonearms, with and without Nordost Wire, both with the same cartridge mounted.  This time, we skipped switching arms and went for an all out sonic assault using the Lyra Etna, a VPI favorite brand.  While the Lyra Atlas reigns supreme, the Etna is a better choice for the abuse of an audio show. We are no strangers to Nordost, considering we use them in all of our Reference level tonearms.  We also like the accessories Nordost has developed that can be applied on turntables and to isolate equipment/wire.

Powered by VTL's impressively massive amp, the sound of tubes warmed the room and music on that cold Chicago weekend.  It is truly a statement piece ,both sonically and visually, while the sonic benefits have a shorter, faster and fully balanced negative feedback loop, with zero global negative feedback. The Odin 2 cable delivered it's usual detail and transparency without any brightness.  At the end of the chain was the Stenheim Alumine 5 with two 10” woofers, neodymium tweeter, and 6.5” neodymium mid-range in a robust aluminum cabinet.

Another successful show with amazing people and music!  Already looking forward to the next time this combo is together!

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