Player with KEF at CES 2017 (Archived 1/18/2017)

Player with KEF at CES 2017 (Archived 1/18/2017)

We are no strangers to making music with KEF!  They have been our neighbors, partners, and friends for years now with the Blade 2s featured in our listening house.  KEF also has an appreciation for a quality simple to use system that can spin vinyl.  This year they debuted their blue-tooth, wireless LS-50s with the VPI Player and the Amazon Echo at the Consumer Electronics 2017 Show.   This combination showed what could be the easiest, well rounded, and affordable system you can find with a high-end flavor.  Listen to your records when you want to embrace your music, than switch to "Alexa" through the LS-50s when you want to take a break and have some background music (or if you just want to yell at "Alexa").  

With the VPI Player having a built in headphone amp and phono-stage it is a simple plug and play to use with the the LS-50s.  The room at CES was one of the more colorful displays showing the three different finishes the blue-tooth, wireless LS-50s are available in.  As usual, it was tied together with the warm and knowledgeable Johan Coorg and Dipin Sehdev.  Anyone who follows me on facebook should search for the live stream we did with Johan as he played a musical love letter to VPI founder Harry Weisfeld.

Personally, the black and blue are my favorite!
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