Stereo Exchange Re-Opening (Archived 4/28/2017)

Stereo Exchange Re-Opening (Archived 4/28/2017)

There were rumors about the standing of New York store Stereo Exchange with their recent move.  Last night's reopening put all minds at ease with a solid presentation of quality equipment/brands.  Among those brands (besides VPI) were Totem AcousticsMcIntosh LabsTransparent CableRoger's High FidelityMyTekRogue Audio, and many more! The new location is an apartment/loft listening space shooting right for the cool factor.  Featuring three main systems, Stereo Exchange is capturing the "good, better, best" listening experience in a home environment. We got there nice and early with both a VPI Prime Scout and Prime.  The Prime Scout, with a Grado Gold drove the "better" system and the Prime with OrtofonQuintet with the "best" system. Jane Weisfeld from the picture below clearly approves.  Wired with Transparent cable and fed through McIntosh equipment, the system hit the right spot with easy setup.  We can give all the credit to Transparent's Jon Zimmer's motor plugging in skills (pictured below).

We are very excited for this new chapter for Stereo Exchange and VPI.  Former salesman, now manager Ron (don't remember his last name and I forgot to take a picture of him!) is clearly running the show with a solid vision to move the store forward.

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