The Legos of the Industry (Archived 7/31/2018)

The Legos of the Industry (Archived 7/31/2018)

Growing up we all had childhood toys, hobbies, and interests that grabbed our attention and creativity.  For some it was Lincoln Logs, model cars, or potentially taking your dad's turntable apart and putting it back together.  For me, it was always Legos!  I would love looking at all the models, opening the box, building it as instructed, and then modifying everything!  I had a sense of pride in ownership but there was also a deeper part of me being part of the creation and customization of my childhood toy.

Realistically, little has changed for all of us since we were children.  You get that email notification on your phone, the long awaited package has arrived!  You suddenly can't help counting down the seconds at work until you can go home or swing by the store and pick up your brand new toy!  You pick it up, bring it home, open it up, carefully unpack, and set the piece up.  You have just recaptured that childhood feeling and now you want to put your own personality and touch into it.

We all love to talk about turntables, complete product accessories and DIY modifications create a deeper connection in this hobby that taps into everyone's inner child!   There is pride in ownership when purchasing and becoming part of a brand or idea, but a strong self of identity when it becomes your unique creation. 

Thus we are going to start an accessory spotlight on our blog to take notice of the different ways someone can take upgrading and modification into their own hands.  The spotlight will cover both VPI and non-VPI products to show the wide scope of options.  Life can be difficult and frustrating, we all need a chance to unleash our creative inner-child while continuing to strive towards improved sound.  More accurately, sound that is tailored to our own choice and preference.

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