Visit from Rich Grado (Archived 8/13/2020)

Visit from Rich Grado (Archived 8/13/2020)

We had a fantastic with Rich Grado from Grado Labs the other day. We were even more excited that Rich was so impress with the sound of the HW-40 with Grado Aeon he had to take one home with him!

Here is a post from Rich about his listening experience with the HW-40.  Thanks Rich for joining us for some great company and fantastic music!

"I visited VPI Industries and the VPI House on Tuesday and snuck out with a new toy. I finally got to set things up today and I must say I'm impressed. Here is the first album, Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life, playing on the VPI HW40, their 40th Anniversary Edition turntable. I have to thank Mat Weisfeld for having me out and Harry Weisfeld for setting the turntable up with my Grado Labs Aeon cartridge before I left."

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