VPI at Axpona 2023

VPI at Axpona 2023

We had an exciting and productive time at Axpona!  With over 10 VPI turntables in action in various ways, it was great to see all the VPI love and support!  It was a quick visit for me to make sure all of our tables were setup and everyone had the support they needed.  This show yielded some of the more impressive sounds we have heard at Axpona.  Everyone’s rooms stood out in their own way and we will talk and share more information throughout the week about those systems. 

VPI with Audio Shield, Credo, EMM Labs, Van Den Hul

We featured 3 Avenger Direct turntables which are about to have multiple public write ups/reviews in upcoming publications.  The Avenger Direct will also be making its return to spinning in Munich.  We had 2 HW-40 Black Editions tables spinning as well giving a nice range of our Direct Drive Technology.

VPI with Arion Audio at Axpona

Beyond the Direct Drive tables we also featured multiple base level and standard production tables throughout the show including one customer Red Scout table.

VPI with PureAudio Project

For me personally one of the biggest excitements of the show was meeting William and Marc Van Den Hul.  VPI shares Van Den Hul distribution with our friends at Audio Shield who take the lead on the cables and electronics while VPI handles the cartridge distribution.  As a second generation business owner, it was refreshing to meet and talk about the future of audio with the second generation of Van Den Hul. Having the same sense of family and commitment to quality and performance, we are very excited about what is in store at Van Den Hul and how we can help support and bring it to the US market!  Again, more on that in a future post.     

VPI with Van Den Hul at Axpona

Stay tuned for more information about each room and thanks again to everyone who made the trip.  Big thanks to all VPI Dealers and partner manufacturers who took the time and effort to support our brand during Axpona! 

VPI with Cinetec at Axpona

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