VPI House Showcase - Destiny Room (Archived 1/15/2019)

VPI House Showcase - Destiny Room (Archived 1/15/2019)

We are proud and excited to have our first "Showcase" room at the VPI Listening House!  The goal it to create different types of home listening experiences open to the public to give a spin.  This past Sunday the team from Robyatt Audio, Electro Static Solution, and Wax Rax came out in full force to build the dream. (Pictured Above)

The refurbished Quad 57's came straight out of Harry's personal listening room and immediately demonstrated natural vocals with a full sweet sound stage.  Made from aluminum and steel, Wax Rax brought their Vinyl Record Console to support all hard and software in one spot.  Their sleek open framework design places your vinyl right next to your turntable on a solid base.  Designed and built in New York City!

Robyatt brought their DNM Electronics amplification, phono pre, and wired system as well as Robyatt's Miyajima Madake Destiny.  This is our first listening session with to both DNM equipment and the Destiny and we plan to hold onto it for awhile.

Topped off with something a little different for VPI.  For this listening room we want to demonstrate the core engineering and design of our Anniversary turntbale.  The Motor Drive and Fatboy Gimbal tonearm of the HW-40.  We are proud of the engineering, time, and passion that went into our motor with VPI Electronic Engineer Mike Bettinger at the helm.   This Skeletal design shows off the possibilities and diversity you get with a VPI product. (Pricing and availability TBD). 


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