VPI Newsletter and Happy New Year!

VPI Newsletter and Happy New Year!

Dear VPI Family,

Happy New Year, it has been one heck of a year and we are excited for 2022. We wanted to reach out to let you know what's going on at VPI and our plans for the New Year.

Email/Website/Forum Bugs

We have been having a lot of struggles with backend issues with our emails, website, and forum. ,

Before the end of the year we were able to resolve our email service issues but we lost a lot of communications (New and old) in the process.  That is back on track and the staff has been on them. If you haven't heard back feel free to reach out to make sure your email wasn't lost in the transfer.
We are in the process of updating a lot of the pages on our website and bringing back information on a lot of our legacy products. 

Our forum has been a struggle . We lost our two staff members who were responsible for the forum and have been working to install a new forum while archiving the old forum so we don't lose a lot of useful information.  Last year we experienced bugs where people were unable to log in, post, or retrieve their password.  We couldn't fix the problem. A few days ago the whole forum disappeared. Our service provider told us because the platform was incompatible with the updates, but we are still working to recover it.  Our goal is to establish our forum as a point place of VPI communication and support!

Ultimately there just isn’t enough hours in the day to get everything done all at once but we are trying!

​VPI Production

We are proud to announce we are on top of this supply chain crisis and are feeling confident to continue to build and ship all VPI products in a reasonable time period.  The HW-40 Anniversary Edition has come to an end as we have sold through the 400 Anniversary Editions but don’t worry there will still be a “Non Anniversary Edition” available in the near future.

At the moment we are continuing to hold our prices and last year made some serious decisions to hold the course as long as possible.  If supply issues continue there might be a forced price increase later in the year but we are hoping to avoid that from happening.

VPI House

While keeping COVID-19 precautions and safety we are proud to have reopened the VPI House and are working on an event schedule to start in late February/March (dates to be determined pending upon the impact of COVID).

Regarding Audio shows, no final decision has been made yet regarding the Florida show but at this time we will not be participating in any shows besides Capital.

As always thanks for being part of the VPI Family and bearing with us during these difficult times.  Any questions, concerns or service issues always feel free to reach out to let us know.

Mat Weisfeld

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