Nordost Building

VPI Visits to Nordost Cables!

An exciting day driving up to visit a new VPI dealer (more info in a later post)  and our friends at Nordost!  VPI has been proud to use a variety of different cable brands especially those Made in America.  During that time we have had a long and successful relationship with Nordost Cable.  Our turntables with their cable has been a natural combo for many different listening situations and demos.  There has also been a lot of shared dealership and distribution partnerships which has created a nice organic overlap.  However, none of this matters without the people!  Product is important, but enjoying the people you share music and business opportunities with can make all the difference!


Nordost representatives such as Michael Taylor, Steve Green, Amy Hansen, and Joe Reynolds himself have made multiple visits down to VPI for listening events and training.  It was about time I made it up there to hang out on their home territory.  Impressive factory, production, showroom and more!  While there I delivered their table, the Avenger Direct, to be used at the upcoming Axpona show in April.  


Our relationship expanded a few years back when Nordost became the first cable company we worked with for an OEM VPI product, the Weisline phono cable.  The Weisline is available through all VPI Dealers and Distributors.  Looking forward to another visit back and excited to see them all in Chicago! 

Nordost Weisline

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