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Avenger Reference From Billions

Avenger Reference From Billions

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We are proud to have our VPI Avenger Reference as part of the hit series Billions!  However, with the series coming to an end we have the Avenger Reference they used ready to find a new home.  


The Avenger chassis is three layers of bonded acrylic/aluminum/acrylic with damping material between layers.

3 stainless steel corner posts for both isolation and tonearm mounting and for mechanical grounding (up to 3 will fit).

Analog Drive System (ADS) for the utmost accuracy in motor speed and fine speed adjustments.

Periphery Ring clamp for the ultimate in record warp reduction
The 300 RPM, 24 pole, AC synchronous motor in machined aluminum Rim Drive Motor assembly.

The Inverted bearing features a hardened stainless steel shaft, 60 Rockwell chrome hardened ball, spinning in a phosphor bronze bushing, and sits on a PEEK thrust disc. The belt side load is placed at the center of the spinning bearing for zero teeter-totter effects.

The 25-pound 6061 aluminum magnetic drive platter has an accuracy of +/- .001” in a 39” circumference.

The motor pulley has an accuracy of +/- .0005” when leaving the factory. 

Fatboy 12" Gimbal with Nordost Reference wire.

Avenger Reference Feet – Machined aluminum, knurled cones set in a machined Delrin isolation pad that sites in a machined aluminum isolation pad for top-of-the-line isolation and noise cancellation.

Technical Specifications

Wow and flutter: .03%
Speed Accuracy: .04%
Rumble: 82db Down
Overall Dimensions: 27" x 23" x 13"
Footprint: 23" x 20"
Total Weight: 85-Lbs

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