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HW-40 Anniversary Edition - Walnut - B-Stock

HW-40 Anniversary Edition - Walnut - B-Stock

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Fully assembled turntables ready for your home. These discounted "B Stock" tables may have minor scratches and blemishes, however their functionality remain at peak performance. Enjoy your VPI tables today!

Harry Weisfeld's 2012 "Classic Direct" direct drive turntable was an outstanding technical achievement, earning Stereophile Magazine's Class A+ rating. This award-winning table was loosely based on the VPI Classic Series table technology and included a thick aluminum plinth and armboard and an inverted platter bearing riding on a PEEK thrust disc. Combined with a cutting-edge BLDC direct drive motor, the CLASSIC DIRECT was created. The Classic Direct provided a stable, solid foundation for the music, allowing the listener to hear deeply into the recorded grooves to the treasures buried with-in!

Designing a new turntable to celebrate VPI's 40th anniversary provided VPI an opportunity to update the direct drive motor technology to incorporate advances in motion control and materials technologies.


**Tonearm included. Cartridges are sold separately.** 

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