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Refurbished VPI Shyla Cartridge

Refurbished VPI Shyla Cartridge

Built in Japan by Audio-Technica, Voice by VPI: Shyla Dual Moving-Coil Phono Cartridge Plays with High Separation, Wide Responsiveness, Enticing Presence, and a Natural Midrange 

Vertical Tracking Force: 1.6-2.0 g (1.8 g standard)

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The Story Behind Shyla

Named after VPI owner Mat Weisfeld's daughter, Shyla came about from VPI's desire to have a high-performance MC cartridge for under $2,000 with the company's name on it – a cartridge that captures the sound, experience, and quality VPI values when enjoying music. When listening to Audio-Technica ART Series cartridges, Mat and VPI founder Harry Weisfeld got an idea for a collaboration with Audio-Technica. After an initial conversation, the companies strove to create a product founded on AT's long history of cartridge design complemented by VPI's voicing and natural/musical sound. Harry and Mat first met the AT design team in Munich, after which an initial prototype was developed. Mat followed up with a second trip to AT's home base in Japan to continue the communication and design for the cartridge. During the visit, VPI toured the AT sound room and research-and-development facility where the cartridge would be subjected to the highest level of quality and compliance testing.