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Avenger Direct

Avenger Direct

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Based on our known design of the Avenger Tripod Chassis, the Avenger Direct takes our Direct Drive technology and marries it with our Avenger Series.  The Avenger design has always been known as a "sandbox" type of design giving the owner the ability to mount up to 3 arms at any length or manufacturer model. 

The heart of the Avenger Direct comes from our proven HW-40 Anniversary Direct Drive model.  Housed in an engineered and machined vented casing, the direct drive is ready to spin at the start of a button with 33 and 45 capability.
  •  Fatboy Gimbal Tonearm.
  •  Nordost Reference Wire.
  •  Direct Drive Motor.
  •  VTA Base on the Fly.
  •  Internal Circuitry and Power.
  •  Made in the USA.
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